This month in Clojure, April 2013

Posted on 24 Apr 2013 by Chris

News from the Clojure world.

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This post first appeared on the Rotterdam/The Hague Clojure Meetup blog

This is a brief summary of some of the news to come out of the Clojure world during April 2013. This page is just here as a record of what we talked about, mainly as a reference for those present.


Structural Editing

Its great to see people challenging established orders with clojure

  • Based on old ideas od Listp editors
  • Paredit commands
  • No files...


HTTP Kit 2.0(.1) released

Efficient event driven web server with a unified API for WebSocket/long polling.

  • Bug fixes, cleaning up implementation, api unification.

Rendering CSS in Clojure

  • Conceptually similar to Hiccup
  • Unit concept



Implementation of Clojure in Python

  • Targetted to pypy virtual machine
  • Interop with Python libraries

Use JRuby's AST representation of Ruby code from within Clojure

  • Goal is to make interop as transparent as possible


Clojure style guide

Guide on best practices for the real-world.

Inleiding Functioneel Programmeren met Clojure

Dutch language functional programming guide using Clojure

Functional Design Patterns

Video of Stuart Sierra talking about common design patterns. Very good indeed.

ClojureWest slides

The slides from ClojureWest are now up.